What We Do

Our Addiction Recovery Program In Georgia

3D Teen Recovery is a 9-12 month, non-profit residential treatment program for teenage boys struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We are:


Fully state licensed

A residential facility for boys

Our mission

is to serve young men by providing a Christian community where they find their purpose and rewrite their stories through the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by:

Providing a program to develop servant leaders

Focus on finding their identity

Developing a family, not just a community

Offering Christ-centered classes

Giving professional counseling

Partaking in adventurous activities

Equipping each boy for their future

Our Environment:

We offer a safe environment that removes our residents from outside influences such as texting, social media, bad relationships and more. It’s not just about overcoming an addiction. We want your son to find his identity, learn life skills to help him thrive in his future, and understand where his need for addiction came from. 

Every step of the way, we celebrate with your son’s accomplishments and sit with him as he struggles through the hard process of change.

Addiction Recovery Program For Parents:

Having a son that struggles with addiction is difficult on your entire family. We are also here to support your family as you learn how to best support and encourage your son through this process as well as start the healing process in your family. We offer family classes and counseling to help answer questions and give recommendations for rebuilding relationships. 

Ready to help your son find freedom in our Addiction Recovery Program?