Our History

The Vision

After years of struggling from his own addictions, our founder for 3D Teen Recovery finally found freedom as an adult. He struggled through recovery, taking classes and meeting accountability from No Longer Bound, but it was a hard walk and took time away from his family.

What would life have looked like if he didn’t wait until he was an adult to get help?

This began his vision to help teens recover from addiction and rewrite their stories at an early age. And he began his search for a place to start.

The Property

Late in 2004 he shared this dream with the owners of our property. The property was a Christmas tree farm with over 56 acres and a cabin intended for the couple’s retirement. After hearing his passion for helping teens overcome addictions and rewriting their stories, they all felt led to start this ministry.


Over the years the program grew from a Faith-Based Recovery program to adding an accredited High School Education program and state licensed counseling. We are proud to work with hundreds of boys, helping them find their identity, and change their future

In the future, our goal is to continue developing and tailoring our program to best meet the needs of your son.