Family Recovery

Addiction is a disease that reaches far beyond the individual user. As a family member, you know that your family must revolve around the life of the addict. If he is in a bad mood then you're whole family will remain on edge. Maybe you have other children that you do not want around your son because of his drug use or behavior.

We want to help your family all get on the same page once again. We offer a Family Recovery Program that will walk you through recovery together with our licensed counselor & other experienced staff.

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General Inquiries

Once your son is admitted into our teenage rehabilitation program, there will be 30 days of no contact between your family and your son. During this 30 days there will be no phone calls, letters, or visitation. You are more than welcome to call, text, or email our office/staff during this difficult time periodically to check on your son. Our experience shows us that this time does a tremendous amount to reconcile your family. Removing the addict from the home allows you’re family still at home to relax for the first time in quite a while. In addition, we have also seen that this 30 days will serve as a time of reflection for your son for him to look at what he has been doing to your family.

Your first visit may occur after the initial 30 days, there will be immense jubilation for you when you family is reunited. After the 30 no contact period, your family will be allowed to send your son letters and care packages. Only family members and approved family friends (ex: pastors, coaches, teachers, etc.) will be allowed to send letters of encouragement. We read all letters before we give them to our residents to make sure that friends/girlfriends aren’t trying to pretend to be a family member to get a letter through. We do not generally allow phone calls throughout the week, but if you live far away and cannot regularly visit then we may approve a weekly phone call. We may also allow your son to call you if you have a special need that requires immediate attention (court issue, financial issue, education issue, etc.).

Each Sunday after the no contact period, you will have the opportunity to visit your son. We encourage you to attend the 9am church service with him at Free Chapel Worship Center in. After the service you will be able to visit with your son on our property. Visits will last until 5pm.

If your family needs special arrangements due to your work schedule or if you live out of state then we will accommodate you within reason. However, we encourage all of our families to make their son their main priority during this time.

We do allow home visits for your son once he has completed the 3rd phase of the program called Inner Healing. This will usually be around your son’s 7th month of the program. We also to allow a home visit for Thanksgiving (1 day) & Christmas (3 days). All of the same rules of the program apply while your son is on a home visit. This means no social media, no secular music, no rated R movies, no cell phone use, etc. There are more details available in our Family Handbook that you will receive when your son is admitted into our program.

You will receive monthly Family Counseling sessions from our Licensed Professional Counselor. You will work alongside our counselor to develop a strategic plan for your family’s counseling needs. You will receive sessions both with your son and sessions without your son. We want to help your family learn to function as a unit. We have found that without the total support of your family, your son’s chances of recovery become considerably lower. For families who do not live within driving distance, counseling sessions will be conducted either on the phone or via Skype.

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